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Introductory / Beginner

This class is designed to offer beginner students an opportunity to engage in the craft and art of bead making. Students use a torch (minor-bench burner) and “soft” soda limestone Moretti glass to make glass beads. Shaping, surface decoration, hollow beads and other techniques will be discussed and demonstrated. This is a hands-on class allowing students to create many beads during class. The class is limited to 3-2 hour sessions. There will be enough time in each of the 3 sessions to practice. The class fee is $150.00, which includes instructions, the use of our tools and 5 glass rods. (Other rods can be purchased).  

Torch Time Rental

Torch time can be purchased for $15.00 per hour or $120.00 for a block of 10 hrs. This includes the use of our tools. Supplies must be purchased separately. 

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